cwdrlogowel.jpg CWDR was initiated during 1993 by a group of women activists, they found only 2% of the NGOs are headed by women and they felt a need for more women headed organization to address women's issues. Now we are working in 85 slums of Chennai city and 25 villages of Edaikazhinadu Panchayath Kancheepuram district.


Manushi is a Trade Union for women domestic workers, Manushi is initiated through our education and motivation for domestic workers, it had nearly 3000 members from our working area.
Manushi Provides:
Manushi provide education on women’s rights and workers rights for its members.

Snehidhi is an Association for adolescent girls initiated by us in our working area, it has nearly 3000 members.Through Snehidhi, CWDR Educates and Empower Adolescent Girls.
Snehidhi Provides:
  • Life Skill and health training,sexuality education .

One of CWDR's major findings from tsunami rehabilitation work concerned the unaddressed issue of single women (widowed, deserted, divorced and never-Married adult women). Single women face heightened risk of physical and sexual abuse and encounter social barriers such as lack of inclusion in community or family functions.